Blackboard vs Whiteboard - Promo

  • Social_drama
  • Hindi
  • 2019
  • 00h : 00m : 55s

    Audio: Hindi

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Amit, a roadside junk food seller, decides to take up teaching at a government school in his village when his food stall becomes the reason why girls reject him for marriage. What starts off as a means to change his image in the community soon takes a different, more serious turn. A journalist covers the dilapidated condition of the school and challenges Ami and the school's headmaster to change its condition. They take up the challenge, especially Amit who wants to impress the girl. But their noble intent to uplift the school doesn't sit well with a local politician, who does everything in his power to stop their attempts. As a result, Amit is dragged into controversies and courtroom drama as he tries to fight the blatant corruption prevailing in the education system.


Raghubir Yadav,Pankaj Jha,Dharmendra Singh,Alishmita Goswami,Ashok Samarth,Akhilendra Mishra,Manu Krishna,Abhavya Sharma,Madhu Roy,Sonu Sonar

Directed By

Tarun Bisht