Machaan - Promo

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 2021
  • 00h : 02m : 21s

    Audio: Hindi

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Bhola, a good Samaritan from a small town of Sabalpur, is diagnosed with AIDS. A village man Madhav who is jealous of Bhola's reputation spreads the rumour that AIDS is a deadly contagious disease that happens to immoral people. That propels the villagers to desert Bhola. When Bhola attempts to meet his family, Madhav leads a group of fire-breathing villagers to drive him away from their village, which results in terrifying consequences. Will the villagers ever open their eyes to the truth or will they wallow in their obnoxious blind beliefs?


Sonu Bhardwaj,Viccky Biadyanath,Prateek Goyal,Mahmood Hashmi,Ahaan Jha,Richa Kalra,Janvi Mishra,Gyan Prakash Nagar,Anita Sahgal,Abhishek Singh,Mahesh Singh,Mishti Singh,Prem Sagar Singh,Shubham Srivastav,Vishal Tiwari

Directed By

Nitesh Tiwari