Tera Mera Tedha Medha - Promo

  • Comedy
  • Hindi
  • 2015
  • 00h : 02m : 07s

    Audio: Hindi

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In this quirky romantic comedy, planets Shani (Saturn) and Mangal (Mars) join hands and act as cupids to craft the love story of two struggling painters Rajan and Kamini. Rajan is bestowed with a unique blessing which is why all his paintings turn up to be female nudes, including his girlfriend Kamini's. Barring this one hitch, all seems well for the couple. But soon, a spirited young girl Swati who had recently been jilted makes an appearance in Rajan's life and Shani and Mangal are left to decide how to advance the love story so that they do justice to all the hearts involved.


Rahul Bagga,Geetika Tyagi,Rajesh Sharma,Chittaranjan Tripathy,Reema Worah,Sanjiv Chopra,Neeraj Sood,Vinod Nahardih,Manoj Santoshi

Directed By

Chittaranjan Tripathy