Debunked: drinking milk daily does not increase cholesterol, says study

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  • 2021
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<p>Contrary to what&nbsp;many might&nbsp;think, drinking milk on a regular basis&nbsp;may&nbsp;not&nbsp;be the&nbsp;cause&nbsp;behind&nbsp;increased&nbsp;cholesterol&nbsp;levels,&nbsp;finds new research published in the&nbsp;International Journal of Obesity.&nbsp;</p> <p>Data from three large population studies were&nbsp;assessed&nbsp;to reveal that&nbsp;people who regularly drank high amounts of milk had lower levels of both good and bad cholesterol. Their&nbsp;BMI levels were, however,&nbsp;higher than non-milk drinkers.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Among participants with a genetic variation that the team associated with higher milk intake, there was a significantly lower risk of coronary heart disease.&nbsp;According to the lead researcher,&nbsp;the findings suggest that reducing the intake of milk might not be necessary for preventing cardiovascular disease.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>The new research appears at a time when several contradicting studies investigated the causal link between higher dairy intake and cardiometabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. The authors&nbsp;clarify&nbsp;that it remains unclear&nbsp;whether it is the fat content in dairy products that is contributing to the lower cholesterol levels or it is due to some unknown milk factor.&nbsp;</p>