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  • 18 Jan 2022

    ઓડિયો: હિન્દી

તમારા માય લિસ્ટ મા સફળતાપૂર્વક ઉમેરાયું


Atmadarshan Tv is a channel to reach the message of Christ to the whole world from Prerana Communications, Indore. Atmadarshan team intercedes relentlessly for the whole world. We believe in presenting the gospel in the most attractive way. Atmadarshan Tv is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of reaching the message of Christ to all. For we are sure, that this message can console and bring healing to many. Atmadarshan television offers you a variety of programs to nourish your spirituality and to feel the joy of the Lord. It’s a place for you to get connected with the Lord by the subjects of your interest, Spirituality, Gospel Music, Praise & Worship, Night Vigil, Philosophy, Theology, programs of Biblical Personalities, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, and many more encompass the programming of the channel.