Mumba Devi Temple, Mumbai, Live Darshan

  • Mumba Devi Temple, Mumbai, Live Darshan
  • 09 Dec 2021

    ઓડિયો: હિન્દી

તમારા માય લિસ્ટ મા સફળતાપૂર્વક ઉમેરાયું


Built in 18th century, Mumbadevi temple is dedicated to Goddess ‘Mumba’ and is located in south Mumbai. Early inhabitants of Mumbai, ‘Koli’ fishermen greatly respect & honor Goddess Mumbadevi & consider her as their guardian. According to legends, Mumbadevi, an eight-armed goddess was sent by ‘Lord Brahma’ to vanquish an evil demon known as ‘Mumbaraka’ who terrorized the locals. After his defeat, Mumbaraka fell on his knees & begged goddess to take his name. He was also given the permission to build a beautiful temple dedicated to goddess Mumba Devi.