TNI Awaaz

  • TNI Awaaz
  • 18 Jan 2022

    ઓડિયો: હિન્દી

તમારા માય લિસ્ટ મા સફળતાપૂર્વક ઉમેરાયું


TNI AWAAZ is the INDIA's first Digital channel, which was managed by fair and progressive Reporters team. Over 500+ panchayat committees and Tehsil have been covered in their network. The social and historical traditions of the state with progressive ideology which have a responsibility to be a mirror of society. TNI AWAAZ not only a channel full of social issues –It is an ideological campaign, which Reflects all Small –Large events of a common man in the village on his channel. TNI AWAAZ only shine – anytime and is in favor of the change. That is our patience that in advertising business and T.R.P.We could not leave Behind society animate, our priority and we are positive ideology in society to reach the common man with the social issues. News is not only Covered in the capital but our skilled and competent team of reporters is working 24 hours for urgent news broadcasts in all across Rajasthan. The channel will be able to see every aspect of your life.