Sachaa Jhutha

  • Crime
  • Hindi
  • 1970
  • U
  • 02h : 30m : 22s

    Audio: Hindi

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On his arrival in Mumbai to earn money for his sister's marriage, Bhola (Rajesh Khanna) stumbles into a fancy dress party, where he is mistaken for a deadly criminal named Ranjit (also Rajesh Khanna). Ranjit sees the similarity between them and lures Bhola into a web of conspiracy. Using Bhola as a pawn, Ranjit continues to carry out his nefarious deeds. Meanwhile, Bhola's village is hit with floods, which forces his sister to come to Mumbai. She is rescued by Inspector Pradhan (Vinod Khanna) who is looking for strong evidence against Ranjit. On the other hand, an undercover cop sent to apprehend Ranjit ends up getting charmed by Bhola and they fall in love. Where will these entangling plots intersect?


Rajesh Khanna,Vinod Khanna,Mumtaz,Faryal,Kamal Kapoor,Jagdish Raj,Kumari Naaz,Viju Khote,Prayag Raj,Ratanmala,Pravin Paul,Dina Pathak

Directed By

Manmohan Desai

Content Advisory

Old Cheese Drama,Emotional,Double Role