Sadaa Suhagan

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1986
  • U
  • 02h : 28m : 23s

    Audio: Hindi

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Wealthy Rajshekhar and his wife are shocked to find one day that their eldest son, Ravi is in love with a prostitute's daughter. Ravi tried to convince Rajshekhar to accept his beloved, but instead, Ravi is asked to leave the house. Sometime later, Rajshekhar is unable to trace the money he had kept safely. While initially he suspects their servant, Rajshekhar is left baffled upon learning that his second son, Shashi has stolen the money. Rajshekhar asks Shashi to leave his house as well. Babli, their youngest daughter, refuses to get married, which leads to many familial disputes. Will Rajshekhar ever see his family happy and together?


Govinda,Jeetendra,Rekha,Anuradha Patel,Utpal Dutt,Shafi Inamdar,Aruna Irani

Directed By

T. Rama Rao