Fredrick - Promo

  • Action
  • Hindi
  • 2016
  • 00h : 01m : 55s

    Audio: Hindi

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About two decades ago, a 16 year-old-boy gets tormented by his father because of his unusual bonding with another boy of his age. Such experiences during his teenage scars the boy. Now, 19 years later, an anonymous human trafficker Fredrick creates havoc in the city of Mussoorie. Vikram, a suspended cop’s, sister gets trapped in this human trafficker’s racket. Therefore, he and his wife Amrita land in Mussoorie to look for Fredrick and hit a wall as nobody knows or has seen Fredrick. As Vikram goes further on his sister’s trail, his path gets filled with thrills, fights, and battles. Now the way the film integrates the past with the present, forms the crux of this psychological action thriller.


Avinash Dhyani,Prashant Narayanan,Tulna Butalia

Directed By

Rajesh Butalia