Carry On Kaka

  • Carry On Kaka Episode - 3
  • Episode 003
  • 20m : 06s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Carry On Kaka is a Gujarati comedy series based on a relationship between a stingy father and his daughter. The daughter is tired of his miserliness and plans to fool him to get some money from him.The sequence of comic scenes and funny exchanges turn into a laugh riot. Lets find out who emerges as winner in this tug of war between 2 generations.


Ashish Bhatt,Bhakti Maniar,Saurabh Pandey,Mansi Panchal,Kaushal Shah,Mamata Patel,Meet Shah,Kamlesh Shah,Yash Gajjar,Jainam Kamdar,Nikhil Shah,Jimit Vyas

Directed By

Ashish Vyas,Jignesh Soni

Content Advisory

Comedy,Family Drama