Manohar Kahaniyan

  • Poison
  • Episode 021
  • 46m : 58s

    Audio: Hindi

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Rahul and Punit are brothers. Whereas Rahul is doing quite well in his business and is living a comfortable life with his wife Punam – his brother Punit is not doing so well in business and is dependent on his brother Rahul as their father had left almost all the money, business and assets to Rahul. One day Punit decides to confront Rahul and along with his wife Kiran goes to Rahul’s house. On reaching the house Punam tells Punit that Rahul was not feeling well and is sleeping for the last two hours. Punam’s brother Rishi and his friend Vijay are also there in the house Punit wakes up Rahul and tells him that must talk over a drink. They both start drinking and Punit becomes aggressive when suddenly Rahul gets a seizure and collapses on the floor and dies. He is poisoned. Punit panics and runs away from there. Inspector Siddharth is given the task of investigating. Punit is the prime suspect in the case as he was the last person with Rahul who was poisoned. Forensics investigation reveals that Rahul never had the Whiskey although the Whiskey glass has traces of poison. Also, since he was sleeping for the more than two hours before Punit woke him up Police is just not able to find how the poison reached inside Rahul’s body. Police try to find Punit but the story takes a turn when Punit, almost on the verge of getting caught by the cops dies in a similar fashion as his brother Rahul. The case becomes even more complicated and requires all the skill and smartness of Inspector Siddharth before he is able to find the scheming killer of Rahul and Punit and get justice for them.


Vimarsh Roshan

Directed By

Punit Gandhi