Stars Ki Chutki

  • Talk_show
  • Hindi
  • 13 Episodes

A show with celebrities from the music and television industry where we have two guests in each episode, appearing as a duo or a couple. These duo’s or couples can be two brothers, music director, and lyricist duo, husband and wife couples, professionals turned friends duo, and so on. We explore the other side of their public image wherein some Celeb ’s laugh and some cry. Some give us an insight into their childhood, some about their love life and relationships, some about their hardships and struggle and some about their success. This show explores the celebrities’ inspirations, their good, and bad habits, big and small moments in life. They also tell us how filmy they are through some light-hearted games in the show. The chemistry among the two guests makes the show all the more a must watch.

Siddharth Kannan,Gurmeet and Debina Choudhary

Directed By:
Priyanka Awasthy

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