Rajni Gandha

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1974
  • 00h : 18m : 29s

    Audio: Hindi

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Deepa (Vidya Sinha) and Sanjay (Amol Palekar) are in a long-term relationship and plan to marry. Sanjay is a loquacious, humorous, and a decent individual who is also rather lackadaisical and forgetful with no sense of punctuality. One day, an interview call from in Mumbai re-acquaints her with Navin (Dinesh Thakur) whom she had split up with under acrimonious circumstances. Navin is in every way the antithesis of Sanjay: He is very punctual and looks after her during her stay in Mumbai. Navin shows her the city and helps her with the job interview. Navin's endearing ways rekindle Deepa's feelings for him, and she finds herself torn between the two men. The course of the story takes the audience through the findings of Deepa's dilemma of recognising true love and her internal struggle as she reminisces her past with Navin and present with Sanjay.


Amol Palekar,Vidya Sinha,Dinesh Thakur,Ranjeeta Thakur And Others

Directed By

Basu Chatterjee