Prati Shirdi, Shirgaon, Pune, Live Darshan

  • Prati Shirdi, Shirgaon, Pune, Live Darshan
  • 09 Dec 2021

    ઓડિયો: હિન્દી

તમારા માય લિસ્ટ મા સફળતાપૂર્વક ઉમેરાયું


This temple was built by Mr. Prakash Deole in the year 2003. The temple is thirteen years old and stands proudly in the village of Shirgaon and hoarding at the entrance of the road will lead you to the temple. The design and architecture of the temple in Prati Shirdi is similar to that of the Shirdi temple. As Shirdi, this temple is also flooded with a lot of devotees on Thursdays and during Aarti ritual. The major attractions within the temple premises are the Dwarakamaai, Neem tree where the Gurusthaan is, Chawadi, Anna Chatralay (a place where food is served to the devotees) and a beautiful garden.