Billu Ustaad

  • Crime
  • Hindi
  • 2018
  • U/A
  • 02h : 07m : 08s

    Audio: Hindi

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India's first film on child terrorism, Billu Ustaad follows the journey of a brave young orphan named Billu who attempts to rescue his kidnapped friends from the gang of terrorists using the help of some ATS officers and an IAS officer, They must race against time to save the boys before the terrorists can train them and use them for their mission to bomb and spread terror in the country.


Mihir Soni,Neel Bakshi,Mithila Naik,Priyanshu Chatterjee,Akhilendra Mishra,Deepraj Rana,Prachita Gujar,Atharva Nerlekar

Directed By

Suvahhdan Angre

Content Advisory

Terrorism,Crime Thriller,Child Bravery