Dance Like A Goddess

  • Dance
  • English
  • 2020
  • 00h : 25m : 05s

    Audio: English

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Dance like a Goddess showcases the journey of Simran’s liberating soul through the simple yet delightful and intoxicating dance form of Garba, celebrated during the Navratri phase of Nine Nights in India. The film explores Simran’s exciting inner life and how Garba changed her perspective of life, beauty, spirituality and joy. In this film, Simran takes us through an incredible journey of Navaratri every year, how these nine nights can make you live a lifetime and give you the energy to do brilliantly in all your other multifaceted existence. And interestingly, how the power of such a publicly demonstrated dance form can help you reach your innermost sanctuaries of peace and tranquility, helping you every year to rejoice, rejuvenate and relive. The film, Dance Like a Goddess, is an exploration of the beautiful dimensions of dance as a medium of expression and especially, of the Garba form … beautiful and defining collection of experiences, insights and reflections woven into a compelling and inspirational narrative!


Simran Ahuja

Directed By

Brahmanand S Siingh,Tanvi Jain

Content Advisory

Dance Documentary,Art,Heartwarming