Delhi 47KM

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 2018
  • A
  • 01h : 32m : 16s

    Audio: Hindi

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The film follows the journey of a Delhi guy named Jigar, who is fighting in court to reclaim his ailing father's property at a prime location, usurped by a terrorising goon named Ateek Bhai. Jigar's desperation leads him to make certain mistakes, and an innocent woman named Avni ends up paying the price. Delhi 47km is a grim tale of a few victimsied people who are let down by the same system that is supposed to help them.


Rajneesh Dubey,Dolly Tomar,Mustakeem Khan,Shadab Khan

Directed By

Shadab Khan

Content Advisory

Crime,Corruption,Understated,Social Issue