• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1988
  • A
  • 02h : 22m : 28s

    Audio: Hindi

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Birju (Sunny Deol) is a sincere, diligent guy living with his law-abiding family. His life turns upside down when his sister is molested and the lawyer who promises to fight for justice for them turns against them. Birju loses his family on the same day during the court hearing, and he avenges their death by abducting the lawyer’s sister, Sita (Meenakshi Sheshadri). He then hands her over to a brothel. What Birju doesn’t know is that the new person he has befriended is the girl’s brother (Anil Kapoor) desperately in search of her. Will the siblings unite? Will this cycle of vengeance ever end?


Sunny Deol,Anil Kapoor,Meenakshi Sheshadri,Kimi Katkar,Prem Chopra,Ashok Kumar,Aruna Irani,Shakti Kapoor,Kader Khan,Amjad Khan,Nirupa Roy,Rajendra Nath,Madan Jain

Directed By

Rajkumar Kohli

Content Advisory

Revenge Drama,Crime,Action