Mera Gaon Mera Desh

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1971
  • U
  • 02h : 27m : 46s

    Audio: Hindi

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Major Jaswant Singh (Jayant) makes a citizen's arrest of a petty thief Ajit (Dharmendra) and hands him over to the police, who is then imprisoned for six months. After completing his sentence, Ajit approaches Jaswant Singh for employment and helps him on his farm. There, he meets Anju (Asha Parekh) and the duo falls in love. But Ajit soon learns about a dacoit, Jabbar Singh (Vinod Khanna), who is terrorising the community. He decides to confront him and in retaliation, Jabbar abducts Anju. Now, Ajit must take careful steps to rescue his love as well as free the community from the clutches of Jabbar Singh.


Dharmendra,Vinod Khanna,Asha Parekh,Asit Sen,Laxmi Chhaya,Jayant,Purnima,Sudershan Sethi,Master Bhagwan,Uma Dutt,Paro,Shah Agha,Birbal,Sudhir,Dulari

Directed By

Raj Khosla

Content Advisory

Action Drama,Romance,Crime