• Social_drama
  • Hindi
  • 2019
  • 01h : 54m : 23s

    Audio: Hindi

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Based on true events of witch-hunting practices that still prevail in rural parts of Jharkhand, the film follows a devastating journey of an infertile young rural woman named Phulmania who is declared a witch and tormented after her husband's unfortunate death. The movie brings to light the effects of some social atrocities like witch hunting, gender discrimination, and stigma surrounding female infertility that suppress women and ruin lives.


Komal Singh,Ravi Bhatia,Khushboo Sharma,Hansraj Jagtap,Vineet Kumar,Neetu Pandey,Reena Sahay,Monika Mundu

Directed By

Lal Vijay Shahdeo

Content Advisory

Social Message,Thought Provoking,Dark