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ShemarooMe Premium Plan

The Best All-In-One Plan! Top Bollywood Hits - Classics & Blockbusters, New Web Series, Nataks, Comedy & Kids shows. All in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi & Punjabi*

$ 99.99

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$ 9.99

$ 180

Gujarati Premium Plan

Web Series, Blockbuster Movies & Superhit Nataks… A new release every Thursday!

$ 49.99

$ 90

Bollywood Premiere Plan

Watch it first on ShemarooMe! A library of Bollywood World Digital Premieres - Edgy, Romantic, Action-packed, or Comedy!

$ 49.99

World BBTV Premium

Get access to 4 of World BBTVs premium channels – TV Asia, Mantavya News, Shiksha TV, Kartavya News. *Channels of World BBTV are not included in ShemarooMe Premium Plan

$ 3

$ 30

Bollywood Classic Premium Plan

The best of every decade from the 1950s to 1990s. Golden classics curated every Tuesday.

$ 49.99

$ 90

Kids Premium Plan

Edutaining TV shows, animated movies, rhymes, mantras, stories – gotta watch ‘em all! Excludes World BBTV

$ 49.99

Marathi Premium Plan

Action-packed movies, Natya Katta, Songs and more. Refreshed every Wednesday.

$ 49.99