Yamraj Calling Season 02

  • Episode 4 - Family Out Of Reach
  • Episode 004
  • 17m : 32s
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    માય લિસ્ટ
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તમારા માય લિસ્ટ મા સફળતાપૂર્વક ઉમેરાયું


In this episode, everyone is busy with their work on their mobiles. And Bapuji has some work, no one pays attention to it. And Bapuji feels very wrong, so he leaves with his bag and when Amar asks him where to go. Then he says that I am leaving this house and going to the old age home. Everyone is shocked, Bapuji tells everyone that you guys love mobile more than me and other members, so now i can’t live here, Bapujileaves to go to the old age home.