Jalu Bai Halu

  • Drama
  • Marathi
  • 2020
  • 01h : 51m : 32s

    Audio: Marathi

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An over-ambitious mother, who has only seen her husband slog in life at a minor desk job, wants to make her kids influential. She encourages them to achieve success and push their boundaries. Swayed by her talks, her son enters politics and her daughter takes her chance in the film industry. With her mother's enthusiastic support, she signs a film without checking the background of the producer. Problem arises when the producer calls her to Dubai alone and threatens to go to court if she walks out of the film or shoot her family if she informs the police. Her brother tries to intervene but his lack of experience leads them all into the dumps.


Kishori Ambiye,Santosh Pawar,Avinash Thorat,Pradip Velande,Bharat Savle,Harshada Bamne,Prasad Ravrane

Directed By

Santosh Pawar