• Suspense
  • Gujarati
  • 2007
  • 0h : 01m : 37s

    Audio: Gujarati

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An interesting story of two cousins- Radha and Nandita who are poles apart despite being brought up in same house. Dhanpat – a rich industrialist from Mumbai considers well-cultured Radha to be ideal bride for his son Kalrav. Greedy Nandita and her cunning mother play a foul game and Kalrav ends up deciding to marry Nandita instead of Radha. Saddened by this incident, Kalrav's father Dhanpat requests sweet and innocent Radha to come to Mumbai so that he can help her find a better groom. When Radha comes to know about the trick played by mother-daughter duo, she decides to teach them a lesson. She grabs the opportunity and moves to Mumbai where she proves that she was nothing but a diamond in rough. What ensues is a dramatic and engrossing plot of revenge and triumph of truth over falsehood.


Mehul Buch,Sachi Joshi,Hemant Jha,Bijal Mehta,Bharat Thakkar

Directed By

Himanshu Sanghvi