Is She Raju? - Promo

  • Comedy
  • Hindi
  • 2019
  • 00h : 02m : 18s

    Audio: Hindi

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‘Is she Raju?’ revolves around spiteful characters, striving to enter and survive in the television industry. Their stories intertwine with Raju (Aditi Bhagat), who handles the pre-production of TV serials, and a struggling screenwriter Madhav (Ansh Gupta), resulting in a bizarre tale of love, friendship and vengeance. Young boys come down to big cities and face some good, bad, some regretful and some hilariously outrageous experiences in this situational comedy.


Aditi Bhagat,Ansh Gupta,Amit Behl,Saurabh Sharma,Yashpaal Saini

Directed By

Rahul Kumar Shukla