Maassab - Promo

  • Educational
  • Hindi
  • 2021
  • 00h : 03m : 24s

    Audio: Hindi

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Ashish Kumar, a Dalit IAS officer, leaves his high-paying job and decides to make education accessible to rural kids in a place deprived of it. But teaching rural kids comes with a host of problems he doesn't anticipate, from uneducated and destitute villagers having no regard for education to a system that refuses to change. When Ashish begins his mission of teaching, he quickly realises that he'll have to educate the parents first, and fight poverty, reluctance, prejudice, and casteism to finally touch the kids' lives.


Sheetal Singh,Shiva Suryavanshi,Chandrabhushan Singh,Jaiprakash Singh,Brijeshwar Singh

Directed By

Aditya Om