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  • Black_comedy
  • Hindi
  • 2018
  • 00h : 02m : 38s

    Audio: Hindi

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The story is set in a small village called Poonch in Kashmir. The extremist have banned the vilagers from watching TV. A movie buff Hameed collects bullets fired during cross-firing between the army and extremists and sells them to go to Jammu and watch films. Hameed is the only guy from the village who has seen a film in years. He narrates movie stories to his friends Rasheed and Imtiyaz. One day, Rajan, who had gone to make it big in Bollywood, returns to the village and the boys are thrilled to see him. Though Rajan couldn't become a successful actor in Mumbai, he is their hero and they begin a journey to make a film in a place where even watching TV is forbidden.


Raghubir Yadav,Rahul Singh,Priyanka Chaudhary,Shoib Nikash Shah

Directed By

Rahat Kazmi