Hadh Karo Chho Hasubhai

  • Comedy
  • Gujarati
  • 2003
  • U
  • 01h : 39m : 04s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Hadh Karo Chho Hasubhai Hasu- only son of famous divorce lawyer, is fed up with his domineering wife. His father is least interested in getting him divorced and setting him free from his wife’s clutches. He thinks of an alternate way to control his wife. He plans to get his father remarried and get mother-in-law for his wife. His efforts lead to funny and hilarious situations. Must-watch family drama for all comedy lovers.


Amit Divetia,Pinki Parikh,Devyani Thakkar,Vaishali Thakkar,Anurag Prapanna,Dilip Somaiya,Nilesh Pandit

Directed By

Amit Divetiya