• Mystery
  • Hindi
  • 1967
  • U
  • 02h : 16m : 47s

    Audio: Hindi

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Anita (Sadhana) promises to marry Neeraj (Manoj Kumar) but disappears soon after. It is revealed that she has committed suicide but Neeraj does not believe this. He decides to investigate into the matter to find the truth, but learns different stories about Anita's past from different people. None of the stories seem to fit with the Anita he knew and loved. And then, he encounters her again. Is she really Anita or is Neeraj hallucinating? Find answers in this hair-raising mystery ride.


Manoj Kumar,Sadhana,I. S. Johar,Kishan Mehta,Dhumal,Mukri,Tun Tun,Chand Usmani,Shah Agha,Kesari,Satyen Khosla,Birbal,Sajjan

Directed By

Raj Khosla

Content Advisory

Mystery Drama,Thriller