Desh Pardesh

  • Drama
  • Gujarati
  • 2012
  • 02h : 56m : 29s

    Audio: Gujarati

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It’s a romantic and somewhere class difference love story of two sisters. Both sister have good chemistry. Radha and Janaki love their father a lot. Radha is an elder sister of Janaki. Whereas on the other side Janaki and Jagdish love each other. Jagdish went to abroad for further studies. Jagdish return from abroad after completing his studies. One day Ramanbhai (Radha’s Father) got a marriage proposal from his insurance agent friend son’s Deepak. Father is worried about radha’s marriage. How she can manage her life in London. Jagdish went back to London, his family and Janaki were trying to call Jagdish but he was not available. Both families are in tension. Will Janaki and her family reach to Jagdish for Janaki’s marriage?


Hiten Kumar,Roma Manik,Pranjal Bhattt,Aayush Jedejahar

Directed By

Haresh G Patel

Content Advisory

Romance Drama,Emotional,Thriller