Musafir Chhu Yaaro

  • Drama
  • Gujarati
  • 2015
  • 01h : 58m : 07s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Musafir Chhu Yaaro is a very contemporary movie about relationship between father and son on one hand and three friends on the other. Three buddies embark on a road trip on their bikes. During journey, protagonist Ajay (Vasim Bloch) meets different kind of people. This interaction transforms him completely and changes the way he sees the world. Commitment phobic Ajay now finds the world a better place to live in and is no longer afraid of getting into relationship.


Jayaka Yagnik,Dhruv Barot,Vasim Bloch,Mehul Buch,Alapana Buch,Krupadev Yagnik,Lalit Gandhi,Niharika Bhat,Aswin Parikh,Jyoti Maile,Swity,Master Harsh Baliya,Husani Davawala

Directed By

Hussain Bloch

Content Advisory

Friendship,Romance,Situational Comedy