Dheeth Jawai

  • Comedy
  • Punjabi
  • 2019
  • 01h : 04m : 36s

    Audio: Punjabi

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"In this movie, a rude and imprudent son in law went to his in laws house for his brother in law marriage. And in his in laws house, he is doing very misbehave and ordered his mother in law and brother in laws for serving him and treating him like a king. This kind of behavior creates comedy and humor. And At last his father in law treat him with his stick and he ran away from the house."


Gurchet chitarkar,Jeet Bhari,Isher singh,manju mahal,jasmine chotian,billa,khuskaran,gogi kakrala,gattu

Directed By

Jeet bhari & Vicky baba

Content Advisory

Comic Drama,Brain Candy,Goofy