Kudio Sambhal Jao

  • Social_drama
  • Punjabi
  • 2019
  • 00h : 22m : 07s

    Audio: Punjabi

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This movie teaches the lesson to the young girls to respect their parents. In this movie, a college girl falls in love with a boy, who is studying with her in the same college. He asks girl to tell her parents that they want to marry to each other’s, but the girl did not talk with her parents. Her parents want to marry the girl with some other boy. The boy to whom the girl loves said the girl to ran away from her house. The girl also agrees with the boy and ready to leave the house. But while leaving the house, the girl thinks about her parents’ respect and cancel her idea to leave her house.


Gurchet Chitarkar,Jeet Bhari,Daman Sandhu,Mnn Sandhu,Reet Mangat,Manju Mahal,Sukhman,Mani Rai

Directed By

Jeet Bhari

Content Advisory

Romantic Comedy,Thought Provoking,Social Message