Mahabali Bal Ganesh - Gujarati

  • Adventure
  • Gujarati
  • 2019
  • U
  • 01h : 15m : 42s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Just as another space journey hits turbulence, Topi Dhoti and Suit Boot crash land on Kailash Parbat and meet Nandi and Mooshak Raj who unveils more stories of Bal Ganesh. Watch' Mahabali Bal Ganesh', as once again the God himself fights all odds to rid our World off demons. The Elephant-headed God is loved, adored and worshipped by millions worldwide and these enlightening tales are derived from the Puranas.


Meghna Erande Joshi,Vinod Kulkarni,manish Bhawan,Parminder Ghumman,Sanjeev Tiwari,Anish Nair

Directed By

Vijay S Bhanushali

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