Haath Na Karya Haiyee Vaagya

  • Comedy
  • Gujarati
  • 2011
  • V/U
  • 02h : 11m : 29s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Jay and Priyanka plan to marry each other and have made part-payment for an apartment. They are about to get possession of new house. Jay’s middle aged boss Mr. Diwan needs a nurse. To pay remaining money for house, Jay suggests Priyanka to take up the job as Diwan’s nurse. But all their dreams get shattered when they get duped by the builder and robbed of all money. Jay convinces Priyanka to marry Mr. Diwan who is suffering from terminal illness and has only 4 months to live. Life is never as simple as we think. All goes topsy-turvy when post marriage, Priyanka comes to know that it is Mr. Diwan's mother who is terminally ill and not Mr. Diwan. Things get complicated when when Mr. Diwan gets murdered. Plot thickens with Jay and Priyanka both claiming to be the killer. Who actually killed Mr. Diwan? What was the motive behind murder? Love, betrayal, twists and turn, laughter - all unveil one by one in a fantastic thrilling comedy suspense drama Haath Na Karya Haiyye Vagya.


Mukesh Rawal,Vipul Vithlani,Jagesh Mukati,Amita Rajda,Bhakti Rathod,Nirmit Vaishnav,Jay Pandya,Pratik Jadav

Directed By

Vipul Mehta