Life Partner

  • Comedy
  • Gujarati
  • 2007
  • A
  • 02h : 04m : 47s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Vishnu Pitambar Shastri (Hemant Jha) is a well known astrologer living with his wife Jasumati (Manisha Mehta) in baroda . He has stopped predicting the prophecies .One day his childhood friend Labhu comes to his place with his mentally challenged daughter Sonki. Labhu is going on pilgrimage.Vishnu assures labhu that he will take good care of Sonki while he is away. Jasumati forces Vishnu to have a look at sonki's kundali and Vishnu predicts that soon there is going to be significant change in Sonki's life. That's when vishnu's son Rohan returns from abroad with his girlfriend Priya (Dimple Shah). Rohan is in love with Priya and they are planning to get married soon. Vishnu predicts that rohan's first wife will die while delivering their child. Rohan is taken aback as he knows that Vishnu's prediction never go wrong. To save his beloved Priya, Rohan marries mentally challenged Sonki. To know what happens next, watch this Superhit family drama. Director: Vipul Mehta Writer: Jayesh Patil Cast: Muni Jha, Ami Trivedi, Dimple Shah, Hemant Shah, Rajesh Soni, Amish Tanna, Anish Mehta


Muni Jha,Ami Trivedi,Dimple Shah,Hemant Shah,Rajesh Soni,Amish Tanna,Anish Mehta

Directed By

Vipul Mehta