Mari Wife Mari Kom

  • Comedy
  • Gujarati
  • 2017
  • A
  • 02h : 23m : 15s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Marriage is like a chewing gum. When you start chewing, it is full of sugar. As the time passes by, sweetness disappears. Eventually, it becomes tasteless and you don't know whether to spit it out or just keep chewing. Boxing champion Megha is fed up with her husband Chandu’s (Sanjay Goradia) bizarre behaviour and erratic habits. She decides to erase Chandu from her memory forever with the help of technologically advanced scientific device. When Chandu comes to know about this decision, he accepts it with heavy heart. To keep his loving wife happy, he also plans to delete all memories of his wife. They do not realise that memory can be erased but emotions are indelible.


Sanjay Goradia,Mukesh Rawal,Malhar Thakar,Deepali Bhuta,Kinjal Bhatt,Kapil Bhuta,Arsh Mehta,Rachna Pakai & Sandeep Nirmal

Directed By

Vipul Mehta