Pappa Mara Public Ltd.

  • Comedy
  • Gujarati
  • 2015
  • 02h : 07m : 48s

    Audio: Gujarati

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The Chief of Crime Branch Mr. Gayomas Chaiwala (Dinyar Contractor) has come to investigate crimes taking place in hotel & hospital owned by Big Bang International Group. While he is investigating other employees of hospital, long lost girl-friend of Dr. Driver visits hostpital and informs him that he is father of her 17 year old son. To hide this fact from his wife and police, Dr. Driver starts cooking up stories and each lie leads to 100 other lies resulting in utter chaos and funny situations. Comedy of error with hilarious double meaning dialogues!


Hazan Wadia,Marzban Bhenasia,Naznin Govadia,Meiron Damania,Thea Shroff,Vistasp Sanjana,Mehrshad Damania,Dogdau Mehta,Russbe Talati,Freeya Bilimoria,Rumy Zarir & Dinyar Contractor

Directed By

Dinyar Contractor