Pati Name Patangiyu

  • Comedy
  • Gujarati
  • 2007
  • A
  • 01h : 52m : 36s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Gorgeous actress Priya moves into new house. Mesmerized by her beauty, neighbour Jagdish(Siddharth Randeria) wishes to spend a day with her. To his surprise, the wish is granted by the Almighty. Now, Jagdish has 24 hours to spend with Priya. Jealousy subjugates his happiness when he comes to know that Priya's husband Mohan Mandolin(Vipul Vithalani) is at his home with his wife Ramila (Nimisha Vakharia). The laugh riot has been directed by the living legend of Gujarati Dramas ‘Siddharth Randeria’.


Siddharth Randeria,Nimisha Vakharia,Vipul Viththalni,Gayatri Raval,Harsh Gaglani

Directed By

Siddharth Randeria