Tofani Triputi

  • Comedy
  • Gujarati
  • 1988
  • V/U
  • 01h : 35m : 50s

    Audio: Gujarati

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A rollicking comedy that is entertaining for both - children and adults. Tofani Triputi (Troublesome Trio) refers to a grandfather, his son and grandson. They have only one guiding principle that which can be put off today, need not worry us at all. After extensive reasearch, an absent minded professor has found a secret formula for happiness and somehow formula falls in the hands of trio. When opponents try to steal the formula, they bump into troublesome trio. Mishaps, false leads, not to mention the competition among the trio derail the best laid plans to pilfer the formula.


Jignesh Dixit,Vimal Thakur,Ketan Chaudhri,Bhargav Joshi,Anup Shah

Directed By

Bhargav Joshi