Hanuman Jaap

  • Om Lakshmanapranadatre Namah - Male
  • Hinduism
  • Hindi

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Age Ratings : All Ages Jaap (Japa) is a continuous chanting of the name of a deity to cleanse one's mind and purify one's energies. Jaap is a meditative practice that allows one to keep negative or unnecessary thoughts at bay while enhancing concentration and mindfulness. _x000D_ We live in a world overrun by stress, hence it is crucial to find mental support and peace through devotion. A mind caught up in everyday activities without a way to release the amassed energies can lead to pessimism, discouragement or low energy levels. Jaap can bring calmness and initiate pleasant, gratifying thoughts through devotion. It can help reduce our mind's chatter, collect anxious, wandering thoughts and help our mind and body to relax. The spiritual objective of chanting a deity's name is to direct divine energy and the devotional objective is to pray to God to look after one's worldly needs. The best way to chant would be to sit in a relaxed position, take a few deep breaths and begin to recite the words quietly while being aware of the vibrations of one's voice. One can also practice Jaap while on the go.