• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1961
  • U
  • 00h : 18m : 13s

    Audio: Hindi

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Anjana (Madhubala) lives a wealthy lifestyle with her father, Dwarkanath (Jayant). When she returns home after a long furlough, she falls in love with a local villager, Jhumroo (Kishore Kumar). Jhumroo introduces her to his mother, Kamli (Lalita Pawar), who instantly approves of her. But when Dwarka learns about their affair, he is enraged and quickly announces Anjana’s marriage with his manager. Jhumroo is heartbroken. Anjana assures him that she loves him but she cannot disobey her father. What they do not know, however, is that Anjana is not Dwarka's daughter but the daughter of Kamli who was abducted at a young age. Who abducted Anjana and why? What impact will this revelation have on the lovers’ lives when they find out that they are, in fact, siblings?


Kishore Kumar,Madhubala,Lalita Pawar,Chanchal,Anoop Kumar,M. Kumar,Anoop Sharma,Sajjan,Jayant,Polson

Directed By

Shanker Mukherjee