Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1958
  • U
  • 00h : 16m : 20s

    Audio: Hindi

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Brijmohan (Ashok Kumar), Jagmohan (Anup Kumar) and Manmohan (Kishore Kumar), are a trio of brothers who jointly run a garage. Being betrayed in love once, the eldest, Brijmohan, harbours hatred for all women and does not allow them in his garage. But Renu (Madhubala) turns up at the garage with a broken-down car one rainy night and the youngest brother Manmohan fixes it. When she leaves without paying, Manmohan tries to track her down to collect his dues and witnesses a murder. What follows is a series of adventures that bring Renu and Manmohan closer. Meanwhile, Brijmohan's sad romantic past is revealed; Renu's friend sets her eyes on the middle brother Jagmohan, while Renu refuses to go forward with her marriage fixed with a local goon. The brothers get caught up in a hilarious whirlwind of mystery and murder, while falling in love in the midst of it all.


Ashok Kumar,Kishore Kumar,Madhubala,Anoop Kumar,Veena,Sajjan,S. N. Banerjee,K. N. Singh,Helen,Mohan Choti,Sahira,Cuckoo

Directed By

Satyen Bose