Aamhi Saare Lekurwale

  • Comedy
  • Marathi
  • 2020
  • 02h : 04m : 10s

    Audio: Marathi

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Lekurwale villagers are frustrated with the stunted growth of their village due to their corrupt and immoral village head Avchitrao. There are no lights, no roads, no schools and Avchitrao is least bothered. After years of suppression, the aggravated villagers form a committee Gramvikas and ask Chimaji, an educated youngster, to lead it. Chimaji goes to Avchitrao's house and requests him to focus on village development rather than lavani dancers, otherwise he'd be forced to run the election against him. Avchitrao insults Chimaji before throwing him out of the house. Chimaji then takes it upon himself to change the face of Lekurwale. But Avchitrao is the biggest hurdle he has to cross, first.


Santosh Pawar,Avinash Thorat,Pradeep Velonde,Amer More,Narayan Satpute,Ramdas Munjal,Amol Suryavanshi,Prasad Raorane,Vaibhavi Deulkar,Vaishali Parulekar,Priyanka Karekar,Varsha Kadam,Ravina Bhayde,Snehal Kadam,Sharvari Gaikwad

Directed By

Santosh Pawar

Content Advisory

Dramedy,Social Issue,Hidden Gem