Kadhi Ghari Kadhi Shejari

  • Comedy
  • Marathi
  • 2021
  • 01h : 56m : 29s

    Audio: Marathi

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A married man Shekhar goes to a dance bar one night and lies to his wife Swapnali about being with his friend. Problem arises when she finds a necklace in his jacket pocket. The necklace belongs to a deadly sharpshooter named Shetty who had given it to Chandni for safekeeping. During a police raid at Chandni bar, she hands it over to Shekhar. To hide the truth from his wife, Shekhar lies about the necklace being a gift for her. A rather joyful Swapnali goes to her mother's house to show it off. But Shekhar's life turns upside down when Chandni drops by his home to reclaim the necklace. To cover up for one lie, however, Shekhar soon finds himself drowning in an ocean of lies.


Nayan Jadhav,Chetan Dalvi,Dhanashri Kshirsagar,Nutan Jayant,Bhavna Nirbhavane,Bharti Parmar,Dnyanraj Patkar,Chandrakant More

Directed By

Suresh Jairam,Prashant Joshi