Radha Hi Kavri Bavri

  • Comedy
  • Marathi
  • 2019
  • 01h : 57m : 28s

    Audio: Marathi

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Mr. Kamalnath Barikrao Patil, an influential politician, and his wife put up restrictions on their son and daughter who are of marriageable age. They want to ensure their kids do not choose a spouse on their own. But their daughter, Meera is already in love with a handsome young man her parents dislike. When her parents and her brother decide to take off for a few days, Meera invites her beau home but the family returns the same night. Instead of hiding or sneaking away, the guy wears Meera's clothes and pretends to be her new best friend Radhika. Problem arises when her parents fall in love with Radhika and insist on getting her married to their son.


Santosh Pawar,Kishori Ambiye,Bharat Savle,Ramdas Munjal,Amol Suryavanshi,Avinash Thorat,Prapti Bane,Shweta Andhare

Directed By

Santosh Pawar