Dulha Number 1

  • Comedy
  • Hindi
  • 2018
  • 02h : 19m : 55s

    Audio: Hindi

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Mr Hasmukhlaal has two wives and neither of them knows about the other's existence. He fakes his death for one family and stays with the other. But the story gets complicated when his young son from one wife gets in contact with his daughter from the other wife and a romance blooms between them.


Manoj Joshi,Karan Bhanushali,Kuldeep Gor,Sanjeev Jogtiyani,Bijal Joshi,Rishil Joshi,Aartii Naagpal,Shilpa Tulaskar,Netri Trivedi,Soniya Shah

Directed By

Girish Mohite

Content Advisory

Slapstick Comedy,Witty,Comic Action