Fun2shh... Dudes in the 10th Century

  • Comedy
  • Hindi
  • 2003
  • U
  • 02h : 30m : 23s

    Audio: Hindi

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A notorious thief, Chindi (Gulshan Grover), steals the priceless ancient crown of the 10th century emperor, Babushah (also Gulshan Grover). Vikram (Iqbal Khan), Ajay (Anuj Sawhney) and John D'Souza (Paresh Rawal) become the prime suspects of the crime and are on the run. While being chased, the trio crash into a wall, and are magically teleported to the 10th century, straight into the palace of Emperor Babushah himself. The trio think that they are on the sets of a Bollywood movie, and take nothing seriously, that is, until they are imprisoned. Now not only must they prove their innocence, but also find their way back to the 21st century.


Paresh Rawal, Anuj Sawhney, Raima Sen, Kadar Khan, Gulshan Grover, Farida Jalal, Iqbal Khan, Nataneya Singh, Mushtaq Khan, Virendra Saxena

Directed By

Imtiaz Punjabi

Content Advisory

Fantasy,Slapstick Comedy,Time Travel