• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 2014
  • U
  • 02h : 17m : 16s

    Audio: Hindi

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Shaamu, the only son of a confectioner, is a happy-go-lucky boy based in Agra. He spends his days writing poetry and being admired by his motley group of good-for-nothing friends. Radhika, the only daughter of Pandit Shankar Dayal Sharma, is a well-educated and caring girl who helps her father in his endeavours as a social do-gooder in Mathura. Shaamu falls in love with Raadha at first sight, who is visiting her Nani's house in Agra, and his quest to find this elusive girl in the streets of Agra begins. But just as they begin to grow fond of each other, they are torn apart by cruel circumstances.


Harshavardhan Deo,Cheery Mardia,Virendra Sazxena,K. K. Raina,Navni Parihar

Directed By

Raj Purohit

Content Advisory

Heart Touching Romance,Drama